We're Always Moving
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Tips on Moving
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    1. Notify the Post Office. Fill out a change of address form with a forwarding address.
    2. Notify Charge Accounts and Credit Cards.
    3. Mail Change of Address cards to subscriptions.
    4. Notify Banks; transfer funds, including checking accounts. Arrange for credit references.
    5. Notify Insurance Companies.
    6. Inform service companies (gas, water, electric, phone,fuel,cable TV) of the date that you will be leaving.
    7. Arrange for refunds on any deposits. Inform new utility and service companies of the address and date to start service (gas, water, electric, phone, fuel, cable TV, Internet Service Provider).
    8. Health Information: Ask doctors and dentists for referrals. Arrange to transfer medical records, prescriptions, and birth records.
    9. Notify school office to transfer records.
    10. Transfer memberships to church and civic organizations.
    11. Ask for letters of introduction.
    12. Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your new address for driver's license (if you are moving in the same state).
    13. Obtain your pets' medical records from your veterinarian. Find out about transfering licenses and records.
    14. Empty and defrost freezer, and plan to use up all foods.

    We're Always Moving
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